Rug Binding & Custom Rugs

Do you need a rug that doesn't seem to be standard? Are you looking for a specificially sized, custom area rug? Many people's rooms need that finishing touch, but not everyone has a "standard-size" area to put the rug in. So rather than trying make your room fit your rug, make your rug fit your room.

Most stores only carry area rugs in specific standard sizes, but Floor Meisters can help you find or make a custom rug.

We do custom rugs cut to your specific size, and then bind them on site. No area is too small or too large. Pick the carpet of your choice, provide us the dimensions, and we cut and bind it in the store. Our typical custom rug turnaround for in stock carpet is twenty-four hours cut and bound. We have over 100 carpets to choose from.

*We also have many pre-made area rugs

Come in and see what we have in store to finish your room with a perfect-fit area rug!